List of common API errors

Error code Description Possible root causes
Other errors
0 Typeless errors See error description in the API response
503 API functions are currently unavailable Server is under maintenance
429 API concurrent requests limit exceeded
  • More than 5 concurrent requests from the same API detected
  • More than 5 concurrent requests from the same User-Id detected
10001 Internal Error
Authorization errors
53 Authorization error
  • Authorization token missing or invalid
    (Authorization header)
  • User ID missing or invalid
    (User-Id header)
  • Token doesn't match the user ID
54 Access restricted
  • Restricted to view the requested object data
  • Restricted to edit the requested object data
Invalid API request
1000 Invalid request name Invalid request address format:
1001 Invalid operator
1002 Invalid service
1003 Invalid method
  • Method doesn't exist in this service
  • Method doesn't match this operator
1004 Invalid API version
Invalid field value
2000 Invalid format of the sent data
2001 Required parameter missing
2002 Invalid parameter type
  • Wrong type passed, number required
  • Wrong type passed, object required
2003 Invalid parameter value
2004 Invalid filters filter parameters
  • Invalid filters structure
  • Invalid operator of filters element
  • Invalid operand of filters element
2005 Invalid pagination parameters
  • negative limits or offset
  • limits exceed 10 000