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Topvisor SDK::Pen

Use the Pen object to create and send an API request.

Class methods

  • setData($arrayData) - sets the request parameters
  • setFields(array $fieldsSelect) - sets the fields parameter
  • setFilters(array $fieldsFilter) - sets the filters parameter
  • serOrders(array $fieldsOrder) - sets the orders parameter
  • setLimit(int $limit) - sets the limit parameter
  • setOffset(int offset) - sets the offset parameter
  • exec() - runs an API request, returns the object page parameter


<?php //... $projectId = '%NN%'; $selectorKeywords = new TV\Pen($Session, 'get', 'keywords_2', 'keywords'); $selectorKeywords->setData(['project_id' => $projectId]); $selectorKeywords->setLimit(10); $page = $selectorKeywords->exec(); //...