Keywords: groups

  • A folder must be assigned to a group. Groups missing a folder are added to the root folder.

Object structure: "Group"

Field Type Description
id int group ID
project_id int project ID
folder_id int folder ID
name string Group name
on int boolean Group status
status int boolean Keyword research status
ord int Sorting order number
folder_path string Group path
count_keywords int Keyword count
volume int

Search volume is a compound field.

Field qualifiers:

  • region_key - region key
  • searcher_key - search engine key
  • type - search volume type, available values:

    For Google: 3
    For Yandex: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 (V, "V", "!V", "[V]", "[!V]")
    For go.Mail: 2
COUNT(*) int

Returned objects count

  • Do not use with the other fields
  • Returns a single object

Group methods