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Method description

Use to get a SERP Snapshot.

This method is not applicable to the archived projects.

Method parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
project_id int Project ID
region_index int Region index
dates array of date Custom ranking checks dates
(dates is mandatory, if date1 and date2 are not specified)
date1, date2 date The first and the last date of the period
filters array filters
of keywords
"Keyword" object filtering criterion (up to 100 in one request)
type_range enum(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 100)


Do not change if more than one keyword is expected in the report.

Available values:

  • 0 - whole period
  • 1 - only updates
  • 2 - period up to 31 dates
  • 3 - two dates
  • 4 - one date
  • 5 - the last date of each month
  • 6 - dates at equal intervals
  • 7 - two last ranking updates
  • 100 - random dates (can be used with the dates parameter only)
count_dates int A maximum number of dates to return (up to 31) 31
show_exists_dates boolean Include dates of keyword ranking checks 0
show_ams boolean Include a SERP update score for the selected checks 0
positions_fields array('url', 'domaint', 'snippet_title', 'snippet_body')

Select data columns with the results of rank tracking:

  • url - webpage
  • domain - domain
  • snippet_title - snippet title
  • snippet_body - snippet description

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Returned data

Parameter Type Description
result (object)
keywords array of keywords Keyword ranking report and other keyword fields
keywords.snapshotsData object (qualifiers => object) Rank check data
keywords.amsData object(qualifiers => object) SERP update score for each check of the selected keywords (if show_ams = 1)
depthPositions int

Depth of the collected snapshots:

  • 20 - TOP20
  • 30 - TOP30
  • 50 - TOP50
  • 100 - TOP100
dates array(date) Dates of checks
existsDates array(date) Dates of keyword ranking checks (if show_exists_dates = 1)
url string Webpage
domain string Domain
snippet_title string Snippet's title
snippet_body string Snippet's description
am int SERP Update score (from 0 to 10)
compare_date date Basic ranking check date to calculate SERP update score