Topvisor API

Use Topvisor API to create and manage projects, add search engines and locations, import keywords (bulk import supported). API methods allow developers to track and check keyword rankings (including bulk updates), check search volume, research keywords, run keyword grouping and clustering, collect search suggestions, retrieve task complete percentage, statuses, cost of a keyword check, and solve other tasks.

With Topvisor API, you can get your account balance and a detailed billing history.

Create your own apps and manage your projects with Topvisor API.

How do I get a Topvisor API key?

To get an API key, complete as follows:

  1. Sign up for Topvisor.
  2. Move to the account settings.
  3. Get a Topvisor API key.

Please note.

You can create a Topvisor API key after you top up your balance. To top up account balance, pick the best option for you.

How to create the first API request?

In the example below, we'll return the account balance using the get parameter.


Response: [100.00] - in USD.