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Method description

Use to get a list of competitors based on the collected SERP Snapshots.

This method is not applicable to the archived projects.

Method parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
project_id int Project ID
region_index int Region index
date1, date2 date The first and the last date of period
filters array filters
of keywords
"Keyword" object filtering criterion
type_range enum( 3, 4)


Available values:

  • 3 - two dates
  • 4 - one date
show_exists_dates boolean Include dates of keyword ranking checks 0

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Returned data

Parameter Type Description
result (object)
domains object (qualifiers => object) Competitors report
domains.summariesData object (qualifiers => object) Data for every check of each competitor
countKeywords int Keyword count
dates array(date) Dates of ranking checks included into the report
depthPositions int

Collected Snapshots depth:

  • 20 - TOP20
  • 30 - TOP30
  • 50 - TOP50
  • 100 - TOP100[N]
domain string Competitor domain
protocol string Competitor domain protocol[N].summariesData[date:regionIndex]
avg int Average position
visibility float Visibilty
tops object

Number of keywords in TOPs

Object properties:

  • {NN}_{NN} - TOP intervals. By default the following intervals are available:
    • 1_10 - TOP10
    • 11_30 - TOP11-30
    • 31_50 - TOP31-50
    • 51_100 - TOP51-100
  • absent - TOP100+
  • all - sum of all TOPs