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Method description

Pull summary data of two compared dates in a selected project.

Method parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
project_id int project ID
region_index int Region index
dates array(date, date) Two dates to be compared to create a summary, the difference between these dates is calculated
competitor_id int boolean ID of a competitor added in the project settings.
If set, the method returns a summary for a competitor.
only_exists_first_date int boolean Use the keywords that existed in the project on the both dates 0
show_dynamics int boolean Add keyword ranking dynamics (improved/dropped) 0
show_tops int boolean Add distribution across TOPs 0
show_avg int boolean Add Average position 0
show_visibility int boolean Add Visibility 0

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Returned data

Parameter Type Description
result (object)
dates array(date,date) Dates used to create a summary
Dynamics (if show_dynamics = 1)
dynamics object Ranking dynamics (keyword count, rankings that improved/didn't change/dropped)

Object properties:

  • all - total keyword count
  • down - the number of keywords that advanced in rankings
  • stay - the number of keywords that didn't change rankings
  • up - the number of keywords that dropped in rankings
Distribution across TOPs (if show_tops = 1)
tops object

The number of keyword in TOPs

Object properties:

  • 1_3 - TOP3
  • 1_10 - TOP10
  • 11_30 - TOP11-30
  • 31_50 - TOP31-50
  • 51_100 - TOP51-100
  • 101_10000 - TOP100+
tops_dynamics object

Ranking dynamics in TOPs (rankings advanced/rankings dropped)

Object properties: see tops description.

Average position (if show_avg = 1)
avgs array Average position
avg_dynamic int Average position dynamics (rankings advanced/rankings dropped)
Visibility (if show_visibility = 1)
visibilities array Visibility
visibility_dynamic int Visibility dynamics (rankings advanced/rankings dropped)