Method description

Use to copy keywords to another project.

The copy operation creates groups with the same names.

The copy operation doesn't copy the folders structure.

Method parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
project_id int Project ID
to_project_id int Project ID to insert keywords
target_type enum('groups', 'keywords')

Object type for filter to apply

  • groups - groups
  • keywords - keywords
in_root_folder int boolean

If 0 - import operation creates a folder with the source project name

Если 1 - keywords will be imported to the project root folder

with_history int boolean Should ranking history be copied with the keywords 0

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Returned data

Parameter Type Description
result (object)
count_for_add int the number of keywords to copy
count_added int the number of successfully copied keywords
count_missed int the number of skipped keywords (e.g. duplicates)