If export is successful, an API response contains a binary or a text file contents instead of json.

Method description

Use to export keywords to a specified file in the selected format.
You can filter data by keyword or group properties.
If you filtered data by group properties, the export file contains all keywords of filtered groups.

Method parameters

Parameter Type Description Default
project_id int Project ID
output enum('csv', 'csvUTF8')

Export format

  • csv - delimiters and encoding are to be set in the user's account
  • csvUTF8 - UTF8 encoding, delimiters are to be set in the user's account
target_type enum('groups', 'keywords')

Object type to apply filter

  • groups - groups
  • keywords - keywords
show_fields_names int boolean

Display fieldName in the column titles

  • Display column titles to guarantee a CSV file backward compatibility
show_fields_labels int boolean Display fieldLabel in the column titles 0

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