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Topvisor dev team blog (#changeblog)

10/12/2018 Website SEO Audit:
- audit settings redesigned (А)
07/12/2018 Rank Tracker:
- rank checking and SERP snapshots collection from GooglePlay added (А)
04/12/2018 Rank Tracker:
- rank checking and SERP snapshots collection from AppStore added (А)
02/12/2018 Website SEO Audi:
- URL export to CSV and XML moved to API v2 (А)
30/11/2018 Website SEO Audit:
- some outdated functions removed (А)
- interface moved to API v2 (А)
- URL import brought to a single format for all Audit tools (import links or import from files available) (А)

- alternate values added (А)
29/11/2018 Website SEO Audit:
- URL import with increased performance added to API v2 (improved by ten times compared to the previous version) (А)
- sitemap import in the project Audit settings moved to API v2 (А)
- sitemap module separated from other audit modules. Audit, watcher and index checker settings are now available regardless of the sitemap uploaded in the project settings (А)
22/11/2018 Rankings:
- target page status updates optimized (А)
20/11/2018 Website SEO Audit:
- index checker schedule moved to API v2 (У)
- informer schedule of index checker moved to API v2 (А)
- informer schedule of website watcher moved to API v2 (А)

- 'auto_cond' parameter removed and replaced by the schedule module settings (А)
19/11/2018 Server:
- DB physical server updates (A)
- DB server versions updated (A)
- DB backup server connected (A)

- updated algorithm of cache generating and synchronization between servers when processing projects with more than 100 keywords (А)
16/11/2018 Forms:
- new checkbox design (A)
- new toggle buttons design (A)

- added a notifications configuration (email, notification center, telegram) to API, earlier methods to be marked as outdated (А)
- updated UI of notifications settings on the Schedule page (А)
- auto-fill "Every other day" now available for "On days of week" and "On days of month" modes (А)

- website operation with API switched to JSON (removed limits on the parameter count in a query). Earlier errors could occur when adding too many objects using an array or when filtering too many objects by id (А)
15/11/2018 Website watcher:
- Watcher and Index Checker storage settings refactored (A)
- website watcher schedule moved to API (A)
12/11/2018 Snapshots:
- export to XLSX added (A)
08/11/2018 Rank Tracker:
- Search engines, Locations and Competitors settings are now available on the Rankings page (A)
- display settings moved to the keywords table (snippets, color markup, group names) (A)
- settings page optimized (A)