Topvisor interface basics

To get started with Topvisor, sign up (create an account) and add the first project. After you add the the first project, you can access tools and use all the features.

On the Projects page, use the buttons to pick a tool:

Settings and tools
- Project settings.
- Rank Tracker.
- Snapshots.
- Keywords.
      - Analytics.
- SEO Audit.
- Website Watcher.
- Index Checker.

Each page (of the selected tool) has a button to access a project list, a selector to pick a project and a search field at the top of the page. Use them to quickly find any project and display its dashboard.

Select a project

Use a Navigation menu on the left part of the screen to switch between the tools when you're in the project dashboard. Please note that the menu has two display modes: buttons (by default) or a list. Click or to switch between the modes.

Collapsed menu
Expanded menu

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