Sign up for Topvisor

Creating a new account

To create a new Topvisor account, you need to sign up. By default, your username is an Email linked to your account. You can change in in the Account settings anytime.

After the registration each user gets a personal ID. Topvisor Customer Care team may ask to provide your personal ID or associated Email to investigate the case when you contact us on Social Media or by phone.

Personal ID is displayed on the Account settings tab in your Account.

Personal ID
Topvisor account ID

To sign up complete as follows:

  1. Move to the Topvisor homepage .
  2. Press +Sign up in the right-upper corner.
  3. Accept Terms of Service.

    Topvisor signup form
  4. Press Sign up.

We'll send you a message with a confirmation link. Press Confirm to complete registration and log into Topvisor. Once you log in we'll send you another message with a login and a password.

Confirmation message
Confirmation message
Account details
Account details

If you didn't receive a confirmation email or a message with your account details, check your Spam folder and submit a Customer support ticket.

How do I sign up or sign in with social media?

Before you create a new account or link social media to an existing account, make sure you are
logged into your social media account.

How do I sign up with social media?

If you choose to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, you won't need a login and a password to sign in. Your
Topvisor account will be created automatically.

Press a social media icon to sign up.

Social login
Follow instructions in the pop-up window.

Example: How to sign up with Facebook?
To sign up with a Facebook account, complete as follows:

  1. Move to Topvisor home page .
  2. Press +Sign in
  3. Press a Facebook icon.

If you're not logged into Facebook, you'll be asked to log in, first.

Facebook login form
If you're already logged into Facebook, press OK.

Sign up with a Facebook account

Congrats! You've successfully signed up and linked your Facebook account to Topvisor.

You will get a personal ID, аnd your Facebook username will be linked to Topvisor as your account name instantly.

Notice, that we'll send a message with a password to the email associated with your Facebook account and you'll be able to sign in with email and password anytime.

How to link a social media account?

If you link a social media account to Topvisor, you'll be able to log in in one click without entering a password.

Example: How to link a Twitter account?

To link a Twitter account, complete as follows:

  1. Move to your Account page.
  2. Press a Twitter icon near Linked accounts

    Twitter account not linked
  3. Wait for OAuth authorization to complete.

    Twitter OAUTH
  4. Great! You have successfully linked a Twitter account.

    Twitter account linked

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I forgot a social media password and cannot sign up for Topvisor?

Topvisor doesn't keep your social media passwords. If you forgot this password, try to recover it on the social media page.

Will my data be safe if I sign up with a social media account?

When you sign up for Topvisor with a social media, your data stay completely safe. We don't need your social media password to create your Topvisor account. OAuth is completely safe for your personal data.

Moreover, you can remove linked social media accounts in your account settings whenever you like.

May I link several accounts of the same social network to one Topvisor account. Let's say, two Twitter accounts?

Sure. Sign out of your current account. Then sign into another account and link it to Topvisor's.