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How to create a Topvisor account

To create a new Topvisor account and use all tools and features, you need to sign up..

How to sign up

  1. Move to Topvisor.
  2. Press Try for free or + Sign up in the right-upper corner.
  3. Enter your Email and press Sign up or sign up with social media.

We'll send you a message with a confirmation link to your Email. Press Confirm and sign in to complete your registration and log into Topvisor. Once you log in, we'll send you another message with your personal login and password. You can change your Email in the Project settings.

If you didn't receive a confirmation Email, check a Spam folder. If you don't see a message there, contact us at

After registering, you'll get a personal ID. Topvisor Customer Care team may ask to provide your personal ID or your account Email to investigate an issue or answer your question when you contact us on the social media or by phone.

I signed up with social media, but I want to remove it from my account and sign in with my Email. How do I get a password?
Even though you sign in using another service, you also have your Topvisor password. You can recover your password in the Project settings.
Is it safe to log in with social media?
When you log into Topvisor with a social media, your data stay completely safe. We don't need a social media password to create a Topvisor account. You will log in with an OAuth protocol which is secure for the personal data. Moreover, you can remove linked social media accounts in your account settings whenever you like.
May I link several accounts of the same social network to one Topvisor account?
Sure. Sign out of your current linked account. Then sign into another account and link it to your Topvisor account.

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