How to manage competitor websites?

To add a competitor website to your project pick one of the options below.

Option 1

  1. Move to the Competitors tab in the Project Settings and press Add competitors.
  2. Enter competitors' URLs (each URL on the new line).

    Add competitors
  3. Press Add.

Option 2

  1. Move to the Competitors tab in the Project Settings and press Add competitors.
  2. Press and pick a file with a list of competitor websites or drag and drop the file.

    Drag and drop a file
  3. Press Add.

The number of competitors you can add is limited by 250.

How much do I pay for competitor's keyword tracking?

You can track five competitor websites for free. For 6th,7th - 250th competitor's site, you will pay an extra $0,001
for one keyword in one location on one search engine.

Competitor 1 - Free
Competitor 2 - Free
Competitor 3 - Free
Competitor 4 - Free
Competitor 5 - Free
                    Competitor 6 - $0,006
Competitor 7 - $0,007
Competitor 8 - $0,008
Competitor 9 - $0,009
And so on.

Additional cost for tracking competitors
You can view a ranking history and switch between competitors on the Ranks page by pressing buttons with
competitor URLs. If necessary, you can compare competitors positions in the Compare mode. By default,
rankings reports in the Compare mode are based on two dates. You may turn it off and pick a single date to
display in the calendar.

Switch between competitors

How do I rename a competitor?

After you add a competitor to your project, we will automatically assign it a name. By default, the name is the
same as the competitor's URL:,, etc. However, you can replace the default name

To rename a competitor, click on its name. Enter a new name and press Enter on your keyboard to submit

Rename a competitor

How do I sort competitor websites?

To change the order of competitors, click on the competitor's name and drag it anywhere you want.

Sort competitors
Competitors will be displayed in the same order on the Ranks page.

Same order on Ranks page

How to turn on and turn off competitor ranking reports?

You can turn off a competitor's website (one or several). The rank tracker tool will not run rankings reports or
collect rankings history for inactive competitor websites. However, a complete rankings history you've collected
so far will be safely stored.

To turn off competitor websites, move the switch button to the inactive.

Turn off competitors