Color pattern (Dynamics)

By default, we apply a branded color pattern to the keyword rankings report. The colors in the report indicate the ranking of a keyword and it's dynamics in the TOP-3, the TOP 4-10, or outside of the TOP-10.

Default color pattern (Top, Progress)

Default color pattern includes 3 shadows of blue (TOP-3), seven shadows of green (TOP 4-10), yellow, and white colors.

Default pattern

Keyword dynamics in the TOP-3, TOP 4-10

The higher in the TOP 3 or TOP 4-10 you keyword is, the richer is green or blue color applied to the position.

Keyword dynamics outside of the TOP-10

Negative keyword dynamics - if a keyword dropped in rankings, the ranking will be colored red or white.

For example, a keyword dropped out of the TOP-20 to the TOP-30. Negative keyword dynamics will be indicated by applying a red color to the cell with a keyword position.

Page in search results changed
If a keyword dropped within one search results page, a rank cell will change its color to neutral white.

Page in search results didn't changed
Positive dynamics - when keyword improves its position, the color changed to green. The color stays green as long as the ranking keeps getting better.

A keyword appeared in the TOP 100 is colored green. A keyword dropped out of the TOP-100 is colored red.

Please note that a ranking of a keyword not found deep in the TOP 100 (or as deep, as selected in the settings) is displayed as two dashes (--). A cell, in this case, is colored yellow. In a similar way a position of a keyword dropped out of the TOP-100 displayed as (--), but a cell is colored red.

Keyword dropped out of TOP100

Simple pattern (Improved, Dropped)

A simple color pattern includes 3 colors: red, green, and white, and their shadows. Shadows depend on keyword dynamics.

To apply a simple color pattern, follow the below instruction:

  1. Press on the toolbar.
  2. In the pop-up window check a box near Improved / Dropped.
  3. Press OK.

Simple pattern

Keyword dynamics in the TOP 3, the TOP 4-10

Each time a website moves within the TOP 10, a cell changes its color. If a keyword improved its position, the color changes to a shadow of green. If a website dropped in the search results, the color will change to a shadow of red.

Simple pattern TOP 10

Keyword dynamics outside of the TOP-10

Keyword dynamics outside of the TOP-10 also involves changing of the cell color. Positive dynamics - shadow of green, negative dynamics - shadow of red.

If a website moved from one page in search results to another one (for example, it used to be in the TOP 30, now it's in the TOP 20), a cell will be colored rich red (negative dynamics) or rich green (positive dynamics).

Simple pattern out of TOP-10