Bulk update of keyword rankings

You can track keyword rankings of several projects at once. To run a bulk update, follow the below guide:

  1. Move to the Project list.
  2. Press Track keyword rankings on the dashboard.
  3. In the drop-down menu check boxes near all projects you want to update. You may check the boxes near the certain groups of projects, for example, track all On demand projects. If you need to track rankings of all projects, select All projects in the list.

  4. Bulk update
  5. The tool will automatically calculate the cost of the bulk update and display the price we will charge you.
  6. Press OK to confirm the operation.

Button states:

  •    - on hold.
  •    - tasks are processing.
  •    - rankings update has been completed.

Projects in the drop-down list are sorted in same way as in the list of projects (including color-tagged projects). Guest projects can't be picked for the bulk update.