Access token

OAuth token (access token) is a key generated by Google or Yandex API to access and pull data.

To get a token, Topvisor redirects a user to a special OAuth server page — an access request page. A user should sign in to Google or Yandex (using their logins) and allow Topvisor to access their data. OAuth server generates a token and sends it to the app.

Access token lifetime

Access tokens have expiration time. We send a reminder to update a token a couple of days before its expiration. A reminder is send automatically to the Email associated with the account.

To update a key, complete as follows:

  1. Move to the project settings and switch o the Integration tab.
  2. Press Update key.
Update key

Revoking access

OAuth revokes tokens in the following cases

  • A token expired.
  • A user revoked access.

To revoke access and cancel integration, select a connected service and press in the right-upper corner.

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