Keyword Research: Bing Webmaster

Bing Keyword Research tool allows to get keyword ideas and suggestions for website content. All query volumes and keyword suggestions are based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, giving the most natural ideas and accurate numbers.

To pull keywords from Bing Keyword Research tool, follow the below instruction:

  1. Move to the Keywords page.
  2. Press on the toolbar
  3. Pick Research keywords.
  4. In the pop-up window check a box near Webmaster Bing (1) and enter a location (2) Keyword Research Bing Webmaster
  5. Enter one or several keywords to pull keyword ideas for (3).
  6. Press Research (4)

Keyword research cost starts at $0,06 per one keyword in one location.
The cost is calculated automatically.

Topvisor will pull all keyword suggestions that Bing Webmaster stores.

Keyword ideas: Bing Webmaster