Trash bin

Trash bin is a temporary storage of deleted keywords. The keywords deleted on purpose or by mistake are moved to the Trash bin automatically. If necessary, you can restore them. The maximum number of keywords the Trash bin can keep is 20. Each keyword over it rewrites a previous one. You cannot empty the Trash bin.

To restore a keyword, follow the below guide:

  1. Press on the dashboard. Restore a keyword from the Trash bin
  2. Pick a keyword to restore and click on it.

When you restore a keyword, it is moved to the group it used to belong to. If you delete a keyword, and later delete its group, the keyword will be deleted from the Trash bin automatically.

If you remove a group, all keywords in it will be deleted immediately. You cannot undo this action.

How do I delete a keyword?

You can delete a keyword both on the Keywords page and on the Ranks page. To delete a keyword press near a keyword (hover over a keyword to see the button) and confirm the action

Delete a keyword
To delete several keywords at once follow the guide below:

  1. Select the keywords .* Keyword multiselect
  2. In the pop-up menu at the bottom of the page click Delete. Delete several keywords
  3. Press OK.

*Press and hold CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac OS) button and click one or some keywords.