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Sitemap autorefresh

Related tools (Website Audit tool, Index checker, Website Watcher) pull pages from a sitemap to scan and crawl them or to calculate the cost. You can import pages from a sitemap on the tool settings pages.

Sitemap autorefresh tool crawls sitemap pages to detect possible changes. The tool sends alerts to your Email address or displays them in the Notification center.

How it works?

If, for some reasons, your sitemap changes, the tool sends an alert message to your Email address and/or displays it in the Notification center.

To view pages that were deleted or added to a sitemap, move to the Sitemap page and select Added or Deleted.

Sitemap changed notification
Pages deleted from sitemap

Each update rewrites a previous update. For example, if the tool detected yesterday that 200 pages were added, then you removed 300 pages today and run the tool, the tool will display the last check results. So, the information about 200 added pages will be replaced with 300 removed pages according to the last check.

Autorefresh feature. Settings

To schedule a sitemap autorefresh, complete as follows:

  1. Move to the Sitemap page and switch to the Settings tab.
  2. Check a box near Autorefresh sitemap from file.
  3. Type a path to your sitemap.
  4. Pick days of the month (one, several or all).
  5. Set the update time.
  6. Select how you want to be notified: Notification Center or Email.
Sitemap autorefresh settings

Automated import of updated pages

We can automatically import an updated sitemap to the related tool. You'll be able to track all new pages or stop tracking deleted pages on auto-pilot.

  1. Select a tool (Watcher, Website Audit or Index checker).
  2. Add a wildcard to automatically import updated pages.*
  3. Set a maximum page count.**

Automated import of updated pages

*By default the tool uses '/' as a wildcard ('slash' goes for a root directory). It means that the tool will scan all pages to detect any added or deleted pages to add or delete them from a sitemap.

You may need to track only certain website parts. For example, a catalog or any other sections. To set the Tool to scan only the particular sections, add a wildcard of a particular website sections.

**A CMS failure may accidentally add, for example, 1000 extra pages to your sitemap. If you have an enabled auto-update feature, all new pages will be imported to your sitemap and the tool will run a scheduled update. The total cost will be based on the page count.

Please note. Set a maximum page count to prevent an accident money loss.

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