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Using and transferring XML limits

Yandex.XML allows you to send queries to the Yandex search engine and get responses in XML format. XML limits are granted individually and their number depends solely on the quality of websites submitted to Yandex.Webmaster.

You can use XML limits to check keyword rankings for free. One XML limit is equivalent to one keyword ranking check on one search engine from one location.

Topvisor accepts users' XML limits and sets limitations on the hourly number of queries to send in accordance with the official Yandex documentation. You can use up to 10% of delegated limits in Topvisor.

Delegating (transfer) XML limits

Before the XML limit transfer, make sure that your website has been added to the Yandex.Webmaster dashboard and your rights to the website have been confirmed.


    1. Sign in to, select a search type (e.g, Russian, accept the terms of License Agreement and press Save.
    2. Move to the Limits tab and press +, near Limit owner.
    3. Type topvisor-xml-1 in the text field and press Enter.


  1. Sign in to
  2. Move to the Account and switch to the Yandex.XML tab.
  3. To transfer website limits, enter your Yandex Login and a Website URL into Yandex login and Site text fields.
  4. Press Add.

Delegated limits are activated after 23:00 GMT +3:00.

Confirm the owner

By default, XML limits delegated to topvisor are not confirmed (not assigned to the Topvisor account owner). After you link a Yandex login to a Topvisor account, you won't be able to transfer delegated limits to another Topvisor user automatically.

Limits transfer confirmation is valid within 1 year or until a token is revoked by a Topvisor account user.