Projects: Project list

Object structure: "Project"

Field Type Description
id int project ID
user_id int user ID
name string Project name
site string Website URL
date string (YYYY-MM-DD) Project creation date
update string (YYYY-MM-DD) Date of the last update
right string Your rights status in the project
favorite int boolean Starred project
tags set(from 1 to 10) Tag number
user_email string Owner Email
status_positions int boolean Rank tracking status
status_volumes int boolean Search volume check status
status_claster int boolean Keyword clustering status
Rank tracker schedule
on int Project update mode
time_for_update string Rank tracker schedule
auto_cond int boolean Additional schedule settings
wait_after_updates int Additional schedule settings
Rank tracking settings
subdomains int boolean Include/exclude subdomains
filter int Filter:
  • 0 - do not filter
  • 1 - moderate filtering
  • 2 - family search
auto_correct int boolean Correct/нdo not correct spelling
with_snippets int boolean Collect/do not collect snippers
do_snapshots int Snapshots:
  • 0 - do not collect search results snapshots
  • 2 - collect search results snapshots of TOP20
  • 3 - collect search results snapshots of TOP30
  • 5 - collect search results snapshots of TOP50
  • 9 - collect search results snapshots of TOP100
Reports settings
report_on int Reports sending mode
report_time string Reports sending schedule
report_format string Reports format
Additional settings
common_traffic int boolean Traffic
  • 0 - local traffic
  • 1 - global traffic
guest_link_right string Guest link options
domain_expire object Domain details
COUNT(*) int

Retrieved objects count

  • Do not use with the other fields
  • A single object returned

Methods to manage projects

  • get - get a project list